Since the origin of digital marketing SEO has been in place. However, in recent years SEO has become an important part of digital marketing.

Digital marketing actually started in 1990 with Archie a search engine. According to Wikipedia the World Wide Web was made available to the general public in August 1991. It was invented by English scientist Tim Berners-Lee.

As per an article “The Growth of digital marketing in India” by Oshin Kamble. Digital Marketing actually began with the Michael Aldrich online shopping system, and in India the emergence of digital marketing was around the year 2007 with the launch of Flipkart and Amazon in India. In this article, Oshin clearly states that the growth of digital marketing is between 25-30% annually in India. 

We all know that we are all addicted to our mobile devices and the internet very much. With the outburst of free data brought by our telecom companies, we have become accustomed to using the internet a lot. Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have become an integral part of our day to day activities. 

With digital marketing came the growth of SEO. But what is SEO? 

Simply put SEO is SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Do not be scared with the jargon. SEO is actually a very interesting concept. If understood well and done well, it could create amazing results in the field of digital marketing. 

Everyone wants to rank first in everything and if the race is to rank first on Google why not? How will you do it though? You are not going to run to Google right. Well, that is where SEO steps in. 

SEO is clearly nothing but making your website, your blog, your online presence be felt by people. It is making people talk about you. The more they talk the more your ranking goes up. However, mind you the talk has to be positive because Google, just like your history teacher will also give you negative rankings, if people talk negative about you. 

I would simplify SEO for you. I will not use any technical jargons as there are many out there using the same thing. I want my content my blog to be unique. 

So let us do this with an example. Let us consider the movie Sholay. Everyone in India knows about it. How do you think everyone till our generation knows about it? It was spoken a lot about. It was an amazing movie of its era and people still consider it as a case study in directionacting and music. Why do you think people spoke about it?

1. Content

The movie had a great story. It had great actors. Either of the one had failed the movie would have failed. The movie also had a unique element, Gabbar Singh, a villain that no one ever in India had seen. People kept coming again and again to the cinema halls to watch the movie and even today it is a favourite to watch on TV. People have dialogues of Gabbar Singh by heart and he has now become a brand himself. Now let’s compare this relevance to SEO. SEO needs good content. It cannot have a boring repetitive content all the time. People will not love the content and they will never speak about you. They will have nothing to speak about you actually because your content is either copied or not good at all. So they will not return back to you. Will you ever suggest a friend something you did not like. I don’t think you will. So what happens? Google’s algorithms realise that you are not relevant for people so it marks you down and you do not show on the top positions of the search pages. Sholay was an epic because generations spoke about it. If you want people to speak about you and rank to a respectable position on the search pages then your content should be unique and interesting.

2. Grammar language vocabulary:

No, I am not taking you back to school. However, Google wants you guys to grab those Wren N Martins and get back to studying your grammar, punctuations and verbs, and while you are at that also refer the Oxford dictionary to get your spellings correct and use of words proper. Imagine is Sholay did not have a good dialogue structure, imagine the voice modulation of Gabbar Singh would have been like a meek goat while saying “kitney admi they” would you enjoy the dialogue. I guess not. Imagine if Dharam Paaji would have said “In kutto ke saamne mat naachna basanti”, in a girlish voice, would you like it. I am sorry
Dharam ji LOL jokes apart. Content has its own conveyance to its audience. If you do not use the correct spellings, the correct grammar, the correct words, the complete idea of the content is ruined. Where is the fun in that? This marks you down. You have to study the market know what people are interested in.. People find faults in your content, so will Google. It has a strict eye on your minute mistakes too. Do not be too lenient about punctuations, correct spelling and correct grammar.

3. Relevance to target audience:

Content has to be very relevant to the audience you want to convey it to. Imagine Sholay made as a cartoon movie and then given a adults only certificate. Would it make any sense? Not at all. It was a family entertainer. It had a balanced level of relevance for its audience accordingly. If you are selling shoes and your website or blog is bragging about t-shirts it does not make sense. You are not here to speak about t-shirts, your product is shoes. Yes many would say no one is a fool to make such huge mistakes but trust me there are enough fools in the real world getting carried away to the wrong content without even noticing it. Be relevant or else you will surely not make it to the 1st place in Google. Amazon and Flipkart make it to the first page because of their relevance to online shopping.

4. Accuracy:

 What if Thakur had fumbled while delivering his dialogues or while Basanti was riding the horse carriage Dhanno would haverun away. You think such mishaps wouldn’t have happened on the sets while shooting. There would have been even more serious mishaps. However, the director Ramesh Sippy and his team made it a point to make a perfect movie. They kept on taking retakes, correcting their mistakes, changing dialogues till they reached complete perfection. Today, this is the reason why the movie has become a brand in itself. Compare the same with Ram Gopal Varma ki Aag, yeah I know you are laughing now. That movie was a sheer failure. The relevance to SEO in this is about accuracy. You cannot serve your audience incomplete, inaccurate information. You will soon be ridiculed and Google, my friend is no one’s best friend. It will immediately mark you down. It is very strict about its policies for accuracy of information. In coming days Google has made its algorithms even stricter.

5. Unique not copied:

Sholay was an original story written by duo Salim-Javed and the dialogues were written by Javed Akhtar. The dialogues like “Holi kab hai, Kitney Admi they, Yeh haath humko de de Thakur, Chal Dhanno, Hum agrezo ke zamane ke jailor hain.” They were unique never heard before dialogues. The story in itself was unique. The uniqueness made audience to stick to it. The uniqueness made it epic. If your content is unique people will surely want to read more, or visit your website more. It is no rocket science that we humans are more attracted to unique and new things, as a matter of fact we are easily captured by any unique product or service. We happily embraced Flipkart and also Swiggy. We use  PayTm and Google pay too. All these were unique for us but now have become integral part of our lifestyle. Internet in itself was unique for us. Today, we are the second highest population in the world, after China to use the internet. Imagine the audience you have to serve, so be unique do not copy. Google has an antiplagiarism algorithm in place the moment it realises that your content is copied it will mark you down.

6. Finally Patience:

According to Wikipedia Sholay was released on 15 August 1975, Indian Independence Day, in Bombay. Due to lacklustre reviews and a lack of effective visual marketing tools, it saw poor financial returns in its first two weeks. From the third week, however, viewership picked up owing to positive word of mouth. After this Sholay became a overnight sensation. Today, as I mentioned earlier it has become a case study in the Indian Film Industry. Have patience, you will see the results, you will see yourself ranking on the top levels on the search pages, SEO does not give success overnight it is a slow process, but it is an important process. If your SEO is not in place you will land up spending huge on AdWords only to realise that people did come to your website or blog but left equally faster increasing the bounce rate. You will be ranked low. So it would be back to square one. So it would be “khaaya peeya kuch nai glass toda lakho ka” because that is what you may have to spend on AdWords if you do not do your SEO correct.

SEO is no rocket science. Do not be scared of the jargons or the technical terms everyone uses. I have simplified it for you in 6 aspects. Follow those aspects and SEO will happen correctly. If you ever forget any aspect just ask yourself once , “Kitney Admi they”

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