I am pretty sure everyone has heard about Twitter. No one on social media is unaware of Twitter. Twitter, an American microblogging and social network service, came into existence on 21st March 2006. Its founders are Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone, and Evan Williams.

Twitter first had a character limit of 140 characters per tweet, which was then doubled to 280 characters per tweet in November 2017. People expressed their thoughts in 140 characters. They used short forms, emoticons, and other such tools.

I have been using Twitter for a long time now. I use short forms, emoticons, and other tools. Being a digital marketer, I had to be active on social media. Social media not only created my web presence but social media networks, like Twitter, taught me a lot too.

Twitter taught me a simple strategy for SEO oriented content creation. I will share this trick with you in this article.

1. Relevance:

When I tweeted my opinions on Twitter, I had to be sure that my content could fit in 280 characters. So I had to make an effort to write words that would give the exact meaning of what my thoughts are. My tweets were relevant. Hence, with a little practice, it became easy for me to master the tweeting language of Twitter. In SEO, this practice helped me. I was so addicted to finding, the most relevant and exact words, that it made creating SEO oriented content easier for me. This trick will help you make SEO oriented blogs and website content.

2. Grammar:

Now, 280 characters was a huge challenge when it came to expressing. I, however, did not want to quit. Grammar came to my rescue in this. Grammar teaches you to use short sentence structures. It helps you to express using shorter sentences and relevant words. This trick helped me a lot in keeping my grammar intact while creating SEO oriented content. When it comes to SEO, you have to use proper grammar.

3. Keywords:

Twitter is the best place to learn about keywords. Necessity is the need for invention. You have to make sure that your thoughts are expressed accurately in 280 characters. You use words that express your point. In keyword research, for SEO, it is the same concept. Keywords are used to relate the content to your website or blog. The use of correct words helps a lot in SEO and Keyword research.

4. Meta Descriptions:

Twitter has a restricted character limit of 280 characters. Meta descriptions in SEO are of 155 characters. Using Twitter gives you enough practice to write accurate meta descriptions.

5. Language:

Twitter has strict rules against offensive language and illegal content. In creating,
an SEO oriented content, you have to make sure about taking care of this aspect. Hence Twitter
helps to get this point also taken care of.

6. Attractive headlines:

Twitter, with its restriction of 280 characters, teaches you to write
something really amazing with just a few words. In creating, SEO oriented content or blog, you
have to make sure your headline is attractive. Twitter gives you good practice of the same.

7. Plagiarism:

When expressing one’s thoughts, no one wants to copy or mimic anyone else on
Twitter. Everyone on Twitter is follower hungry. The more the followers, the more celebrity
status you get. In SEO too, there are strict rules against plagiarism. If you are in practice to
create unique content already, then you already have learnt one skill of SEO. Twitter gives you
good practice of this too.

8. Target Audience:

You already know what your followers like or do not like on Twitter. On
Twitter, with tweets, people express their opinions. You know what content will lure your
followers and what content will get your trolled. So you tweet what brings you more followers.
In SEO, too, we create content catering to our target audience. Once you have this thought
process of luring your target audience in motion, your SEO content will never be marked down.

9. Backlinking:

Retweet, is the way people using Twitter show their appreciation to your tweet.
This concept is similar to backlinking in SEO. If someone appreciates your blog or your website,
they give a link to your blog or website in their blog or website. If you take care, of all the above
points, while tweeting, then, for sure you will get a retweet. In SEO if you take care, of all these
aspects, you get a backlink.

10. Consistency:

On Twitter, the more you tweet, the more followers you get. You have to be
consistent. You lose followers if you are not active. Similarly, in creating an SEO oriented
content, you have to be consistent, in creating the content, and in its accuracy.

So my fellow digital marketers, creating SEO oriented content is no rocket science. Keep tweeting and keep learning.


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